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The Child Welfare Training Academy (CWTA) is pleased to bring you theSource, the newsletter of the DC Child & Family Services Agency (CFSA) CWTA. Along with training registration links, each issue of theSource will provide you with updates on new classes, highlight special offerings, and give you  the information you need to get the most out of the professional development opportunities offered by CWTA. If there are topics or training events you  would like to see addressed, please let us know by contacting us directly at


The CFSA CWTA is approved by the DC Board of Social Work as a continuing education provider for licensed social workers in the District of Columbia. This course catalog is inclusive of all in-service courses offered by CWTA.

Managers may request pre-service training waiver for social workers, family support workers, nurse care managers/ nurses who have successfully completed CWTA pre-service training within the past 24 months and have not had a lapse in employment exceeding 60 days.

This form should be completed to track your participation in training outside of the agency such as conferences, online training, seminars and workshops. Completion of this form will ensure that CWTA places earned credit in your individual training record. Note that you must complete a form for each individual training event attended.

The CFSA Online Policy Manual provides employees, stakeholders, and interested parties access to the mainstay of the agency's practice standards regarding accountability for compliance with all applicable legal requirements. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback in regards to this manual, please contact the Policy Unit.


DCHR’s Center for Learning & Development (CLD) coordinates training programs and activities for District government agencies and employees, including senior executives, middle managers, supervisors, and front line employees. CLD provides career assistance, resource centers, and specific agency training needs in partnership with universities, vendors, and other local training institutions.

The Board of Social Work regulates the practice of social work in DC, Maryland, and Virginia including specialties within the profession. The Board also administers and enforces the law. The Board evaluates applications and administers exams, recommends standards and procedures, and issues licenses. The Board receives and reviews complaints; requests investigations; conducts hearings, issues subpoenas, examines witnesses, and administers oaths; and issues an annual report.

The CWTA Training Request service desk enables (internal) employees to submit training requests to the CWTA Team to ensure requests are tracked and resolved in a timely manner. The submitted request will be routed to the CWTA Supervisory team. Once received, they will have the option to approve, send back for revision, or deny the request. Customers will be notified via Email of the Authorizer's decision.  Once approved it will be routed to the training specialist team to process the request and resolved.

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