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Workforce Clinical Well-Being Objectives

POLICY & PRACTICE Develop agency policy on responding to secondary trauma. Review business practices that create or exacerbate STS and develop appropriate responses.

LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT Increase education, training and awareness of staff at all levels, and in all types of positions. Regular information-gathering on employee STS and wellness should inform more planful and deliberate use of internal and external training and peer-support opportunities and a targeted STS communications and messaging strategy.

CULTURE CHANGE Effect deep culture change by recognizing and implementing responses to all potential triggers.

THERAPEUTIC SUPPORT Increase employee access to ongoing therapeutic support.

RESILIENCE Increase the likelihood of resilience in the workforce through STS-informed adaptations to recruitment, interviewing, on-boarding, and exiting processes.

Workforce Clinical Well-Being Resources


In 2018, the agency’s Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) Workgroup was created to address the impact of STS on CFSA’s workforce. Out of that workgroup came several recommendations to begin to recognize, address, mitigate, minimize, and support healing from STS. Our work processes and interventions must drive towards the well-being of CFSA’s workforce, reduce turnover, maintain professional competency, and increase efficacy in our mission to achieve the best outcomes for children and families. 

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