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Here you will find Self-Assessment Skill summaries that include information about the style and spirit and key skills of motivational interviewing.

Motivational Interviewing is not a technique but rather a style, a facilitative way of being with people. This document provides guidance to supervisors and staff on ways to implement MI into their everyday practice.

Engagement with clients is about communication.  It is the way we communicate, our phrasing, our expression of empathy, and the specification skills that are utilized during each conversation.  The goal in MI is to utilize EACH skill when engaging clients.  This provides opportunities for continued practice while also ensuring a fidelity to the role and goal of MI. Here you will find some reminders about OARS.

This brief guide provides ideas around how to incorporate some of the concepts of Motivational Interviewing into case management documentation, including sample phrases you can use.

MI encourages you to help people in a variety of service settings discover their interest in considering and making a change in their lives. This reminder card will help you to build self-awareness about your attitudes, thoughts, and communication style.

Motivational Interviewing:
Tools for Success

Motivational Interviewing (MI) was introduced to DC's Child and Family Services Agency as a clinical case management practice in 2020 to support the implementation of the Family First Prevention Services Act. Here you will find additional tools and tip sheets to support your use of Motivational Interviewing in your clinical case management practice.

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